Stream Torrent

Stream Torrent Build 0057 1.0

When streaming video met BitTorrent


  • Friendly interface
  • Many channels to choose from


  • No configuration options
  • Quality varies a lot from channel to channel


Note: this app no longer seems to be supported and the developer website is down.

Stream Torrent brings the best of internet video streaming and P2P technology together; it's a free app lets you both watch and broadcast live video on the web.

Like other similar tools, Stream Torrent makes use of the P2P protocol to broadcast video online, helped by thousands of users worldwide who share the workload by sending and receiving data at the same time.

The Stream Torrent interface is simple in design and easy to use. First of all, you need to add channels to your list by clicking the Search button and selecting a keyword from the drop-down menu. You can then add them to your personal menu and open any of them with a double click.

As with any other app of this kind, results can vary a lot in Stream Torrent. The quality and stability of channels depends on signal strength, number of people tuning in to that channel and other factors.

Stream Torrent allows you to enjoy hundreds of streaming online video channels, though their quality varies a lot.

Stream Torrent


Stream Torrent Build 0057 1.0

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